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The path of Patricio Bermeo across the figurative painting disrupts in 1987, when the artist discovers the North – American Masters of the Abstractionism.

Until that time, he was been in the ways of the plastic besides the naïf landscape and the surrealism. Bermeo feels sensible to the aesthetic of his environment, and being self-educated, he accumulates experience in the pictorial occupation.

When Bermeo begins to express himself in the abstract language, he does in small formats with warm colors apply spontaneously, without formulations.

Going ahead with the international currents of art, Bermeo explores in some directions looking for how to establish in one of them, with his own qualities; definitely independent of the figurative, he goes deep in new chromatic concepts. When he abandons the drawing, he does it with caution, almost with fear, He isolates from academic and conventional, he leaves the common use tools: instead of brushes and spatulas, he designs special instruments for his painting.

Remote to the realistic representations Patricio Bermeo works with non figurative elements which has been adequate with textures and pigments apply in a gesture way.

The own dynamic in his tracing establishes composition camps, in order of the chromatic and formal values of the work of art, depending upon his own precepts. The work of Bermeo states positively in the 90’s and the dialogue becomes fluent with the spectator.

In one side the twist forms reminds the Andean culture of the loom and in the other side the painting becomes an exaltation of color by color.

Patricio Bermeo has been consolidated as a pictorial praxis open to a lot of expectation. That is support by a serious professional work of many years, with an artistic vocation, decision and responsibility.

“The time – like Bermeo said - classified and situated the work of an honest painter” and the proof of this is the highest recognition that his work has been reached already in the country.


1973 Hall of the Municipality Palace Cuenca,Ecuador. Cultural Exhibit Nariño, Colombia.
Hall of the CCT Theater Cuenca, Ecuador.
1995 House of the Galleries Cuenca, Ecuador.
1996 “El Condado” Quito Tennis Club Quito, Ecuador.
1997 Contemporary Art Hall Quito, Ecuador.
Pacific Bank Cuenca, Ecuador.
General Consulate of Ecuador New York Abya-Yala.
Hall – New York USA.


1973 Salon of National Painting “Casa de la Cultura” Cuenca, Ecuador.
1974 Salon of National Painting “Casa de la Cultura” Cuenca, Ecuador.
1983 Salon of National Painting “Casa de la Cultura” Cuenca, Ecuador.
National Salon Vicente Rocafuerte for Visual Art Young Creators - Guayaquil, Cuenca, Quito, Ecuador.
1984 Young painters Salon “G Perspective”- Guayaquil, Ecuador.
1986 First National Pre-Biennial- Cuenca, Ecuador.
1988 Second Painting Pre-Biennial- Cuenca Ecuador.
1990 Third Painting Pre-Biennial- Cuenca, Ecuador.
1992 Prize of Paris Salon French Alliance- Quito, Ecuador.
1993 Second Latin-American Contemporary Painting Salon Loja, Ecuador.
Central Bank International Painting Salon -Cuenca, Ecuador.
1999 World-wide of Painting for the New Millennium- Quito, Ecuador.


1971 Ecuadorian Center- Guayaquil, Ecuador.
C.E.N.A Painting Salon – Cuenca, Ecuador.
“Rodante” Exhibit – Cuenca, Ecuador.
1983 “La Tienda” Gallery – Cuenca, Ecuador.
1988 National Painters “G Larrazabal” – Cuenca, Ecuador.
1990 XVII “Lineart” Artist – Cuenca, Ecuador.
1991 First Regional Exhibit “Alban Borja” – Guayaquil, Ecuador.
1992 First Pictorial Exhibit of Contemporary Painting from Cuenca Central Bank of Ecuador – Cuenca, Ecuador.
1996 New World Gallery NY - New York, USA.
1997 “Gallery” Exhibit NY – New York, USA.
1998 “Grande Oriente Do Brasil”- Brasilia, Brazil.
1999 Ecuador, Peru and Colombia Valley of Cumbayá Mall – Quito, Ecuador.
2000 Permanent Exhibition Marsuarte Gallery - Quito, Ecuador .
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