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Mario Ronquillo was born in Pujilí, Cotopaxi Ecuador at 1943. His father was a musician and practiced clarinet with the band of his town. Maybe Ronquillo inherit that sensibility. Since his first years of school, he stands out in drawing. He used to copy book’s illustrations, figures and landscapes of rented magazines, going each time deeper in the mystery and the wandering that always will be all art.

Joint to this vocation appears another one, the sculpture Ronquillo is an excellent sculptor, several prizes inside and outside the country can credit it). He watched the workers preparing the sun-dried bricks and something happened with the mud. He approached to this material and modeled figures.

He also continues with drawing, he doesn’t resign to the paper. He draws in the ground, grateful because of the great spaces that it gives to him, he uses his fingers or sharp tools to give depth and embossing to the drawing.

The landscape of Ronquillo is unique, the corners of the old Quito that he paints are full of sensible choices, and nothing is left or lacking in them. They have own life and we are installed on them, in the windows of the houses someone of the past is looking to us; however Ronquillo knows that he is here to give more. His country, his big native land: Latin America fills him of this inviolable experience out of this will appear his genuine Latin-American art.

Presence in the tilled roof of Los Andes is the name given to one of his series which is not finished yet and he has all life to do it. The result is a group of works that present how he indubitably and firmly takes root in our culture. In a very harsh plastic way, free and at the same time aesthetic, beautiful and deep.


Belisario Quevedo School in Pujilí.
Faculty of fine Arts in the Central University of Ecuador.
Mario Ronquillo obtained the title of Painter and Sculpture in 1968.


1966 Ecuadorian-North American Center, Quito-Ecuador.
1967 Ecuadorian House of Culture, Quito-Ecuador.
1968 Ecuadorian House of Culture, Quito-Ecuador.
1969 Colonial Art Museum, Quito-Ecuador.
1969 “9th of October” Salon, Guayaquil-Ecuador.
1970 Provincial Council of Cotopaxi, Ecuador.
1970 “La Rebeca” Gallery, Bogota-Colombia.
1970 “Vienna Art” Gallery, Caracas-Venezuela.
1970 “Island” Gallery, Caracas-Venezuela.
1970 “Cristobal Rojas” Spiritual Gallery.
1971 Cultural Group Manta, Manta-Ecuador.
1972 House of Culture of Manabi, Ecuador.
1973 “Nuestra Señora del Rosario” School, Bogota-Colombia.
1973 Arts Gallery, Bogota-Colombia.
1974 “Los Primitivistas” Gallery, Bogota-Colombia.
1975 Modern Art Gallery, Bogota-Colombia.
1976 House of Culture of Guayaquil “Las Peñas Group”, Ecuador.
1976 “El Cesar” Gallery of Art, Bogota-Colombia.
1976 First Exhibit of Art Outdoors “Homage to Quito”.
1976 Modern Art Gallery, Bogota-Colombia.
1977 “Goribar” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1977 VI Fair of Opposite Integration, Ecuadorian-Colombian “Contemporary Art”.
1977 “Concert Hall” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1978 “Pictorial Exhibit” Municipal Palace of Tulcan, Ecuador.
1978 “La Galeria” Art as an Idea and Action, Quito-Ecuador.
1979 House of Culture of Cotopaxi.
1979 Lincoln Auditorium, Quito-Ecuador.
1980 “Goribar” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1981 “Dorotea” Gallery, Bogota-Colombia.
1981 “Altamira” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1982 “Goribar” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1982 “El Cesar” Gallery of Art, Bogota-Colombia.
1983 “Andres Bello Pact” Bogota-Colombia.
1984 “Goribar” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1984 “The Sunflowers” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1985 “Goribar” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1985 “The Sunflowers” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1986 “Goribar” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1987 “The Sunflowers” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1988 “Goribar” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1989 “The Sunflowers” Gallery, Quito-Ecuador.
1989 Chamber of Commerce, Bogota-Colombia.
1990 “El Cesar” Gallery, Bogota-Colombia.
1991 “Posada de las Artes Kingman, Quito-Ecuador.
1992 “El Cesar” Gallery, Bogota-Colombia.
1993 “El Cesar” Gallery, Bogota-Colombia.
1994 Andromeda Cultural Center, Bogota-colombia.
1995 “El Cesar” Gallery, Bogota-Colombia.
1996 Permanent Exhibit Quito Hotel Gallery of Art, Quito-Ecuador.
1997 Permanent Exhibit Andromeda Gallery of Art, Bogota-Colombia.
1998 Permanent Exhibit El Cesar Gallery of Art, Bogota-Colombia.
1999 Collective Exhibit, Quito-Ecuador.
2000 Collective Exhibit, Quito-Ecuador.
2000 Collective Exhibit, Guayaquil-Ecuador.
2001 Collective Exhibit, May 68, Quito-Ecuador.
2001 Collective Exhibit, “August Art and Culture”, Quito-Ecuador.
2002 Collective Exhibit, 60 year’s Central Bank Museum, Quito-Ecuador.
2002 Collective Exhibit, Memory and Present Cultural Center of the Catholic University, Reopening of the National Hall of Contemporary Art “Mariano Aguilera”.
2002 Permanent Exhibit, “La Cartuja” Hostelry, Quito-Ecuador.
2002 Collective Exhibit, “Mirarte” Gallery of Art, Quito Holiday, Ecuador.
2003 Collective Exhibit, Municipality of Quito, Mariscal Plan, Phase I.
2003 Collective Exhibit, Municipality of Quito, Mariscal Plan, Phase II.
2003 Collective Exhibit, “La Union” Club, Quito-Ecuador.


1968 Honor Mention School of Fine Arts.
1977 Third Prize “Luis A. Martinez Hall”, Ambato-Ecuador.
1977 Second Prize of Sculpture, Mariano Aguilera Hall” Quito-Ecuador.
1977 Prize in Tempera in the Municipality Salon, “Watercolor, Tempera and Engraving, Quito-Ecuador.
1978 Second Prize “Luis A Martinez Hall” Ambato-Ecuador.
1978 Acquisition Prize House of Culture, Quito-Ecuador.
1978 Second Mention Prize to Paris of the French Alliance, Quito-Ecuador.
2000 Honor Mention National Mejía School, Quito-Ecuador.
2001 Second Mention, Silver Prize Portrait of Atahualpa, City Museum, Quito-Ecuador.
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